In an interview with German financial newspaper “Der Handelsblatt”, Minister of Finances Giannis Stournaras predicts that the Greek economy will grow in 2014, when the domestic GDP steadily begins to increase. Mr. Stournaras also hopes that this year’s primary surplus will produce a small profit.

According to a Reuters report a recovery is still far away, however analyst predicts 0.2% growth rate for 2014. Reuter’s report also included a survey of 46 economists suggesting that austerity measures lead to a greater decline of the economy than expected, an increase in unemployment and only a marginal fiscal improvement.

The Minister points out that the first positive results are beginning to show, such as the increase in bank account deposits, the interest of bonds fall, market trust beginning to return, increased interest in privatizations, exports continuing to rise and the development of competitiveness.

Regarding the Eurozone, Mr. Stournaras referred to the need for a financial completion and the creation of a real financial union, without excluding the edition of Eurobond “at the end of that road”. The minister feels that all congratulations are owed to Prime Minister Samaras who made it so that all ministers participated. When asked if he has the worst job in Greece, Mr. Stournaras jokingly responded “No, in the world!”.