A proposed amendment, regarding the hiring of imams by the Greek State for the teaching of the Qur’an in Thrace, has created tension in Parliament. Golden Dawn MPs accused Muslim MPs Chatziosman (PASOK), Ilhan (DIMAR), Karagiousouf and Zeibek (both SYRIZA) of being “agents”. The amendment is generally thought will reduce the influence of the Turkish Consul in Komotini.

Golden Dawn MP P. Iliopoulos stated that his party will not vote for the bill, but feels it is in the right direction since it does not allow the “turkification of Muslims”. He also attacked SYRIZA “for also producing an agent like PASOK”. Golden Dawn MPs then showed colored photos of Mr. Chatziosman beneath a flag for the independence of Thrace.

Golden Dawn parliamentary representative Ch. Pappas called the PASOK a “Turk”, stating that “in the next parliament Golden Dawn will try so that there is not a single Turk MP”. Independent Greeks MP N. Marias also criticized the “attempts to create a new Kosovo in Thrace”.

PASOK and DIMAR reacted to the Golden Dawn comments, with DIMAR’s V. Economou causing uproar when he recalled Golden Dawn MPs raising the “humiliated flag” of the military junta. KKE MP N. Karathanasopoulos stated that “the most dangerous segregation based on religion and ethnicity is the best ally of imperial plans regarding the creation of protectorates”.

Mr. Chatziosman explained that the photo was taken during a visit in Bursa, where he met with a group of West Thracians and the flag was present. The PASOK MP expressed his shock at being asked for “belief certificates”, declaring that “Thrace belongs to my country, Greece”.