Minister of Administrative Reform A. Manitakis has finalized a series of changes to be implemented in the composition of committees and structural evaluation of ministries.

The changes and evaluation affect the ministries of Finances, National Defense, Interior, Labor, Health, Public Order, Education and the General Secretariat of Media, while 34 committee members will be replaced.

The government has prioritized the restructuring of the State and reducing the red tape. For that reasons, the PM’s Special Consultant and head of Special Policies of the PM’s General Secretariat D. Vartzopoulos, has been assigned as coordinator in the committees for the evaluation of the ministries of Foreign Affairs, National Defense and Public Order.

The reaction to the changes in the composition of committees for 9 ministries and the General Secretariat of Media indicate, according to management, have revealed differences of opinion regarding reduction of organizational structure and the replacement of some members.