The Ministry of Growth is considering green lighting the operation of franchise chain stores on every Sunday, first proposed by the industry and commercial groups. The main issue is defining a “franchise chain”,

According to the current market code, all businesses can operate on 7 Sundays in a year. Another clause provides that businesses with premises less than 250 square meters can operate on all Sundays. These businesses, however, must not belong (in any legal sense) to chain stores or operate under a “shop-in-a-shop” agreement.

These changes will be discussed at the ministry on Tuesday, during a meeting with representatives of the National Confederation of Greek Commerce, the Association of Retailers, the General Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants, the Federation of Enterprises and the Union of Greek Ship-owners. Despite a large part of the merchant world reacting to the abolition of the Sunday holiday, the ministry seems determined to go through with the measure.