SYRIZA MP Rena Dourou spoke to Vima 99.5 regarding the latest high-profile attacks against journalists and politicians, as well as Mr. Tsipras’ tour in Germany. Mrs. Dourou stated that simply condemning violence will not bring an end to Kalashnikovs.

The opposition MP claimed that “there is no good or bad terrorism. There are mechanisms that need to operate and investigate these incidents”. Regarding Manolis Glezos’ comments about the operation of paramilitary organizations friendly to New Democracy, Mrs. Dourou stated that “we have been taught that everything is SYRIZA’s fault. We are not used to a serious man telling us that anything can be behind something”.

Mrs. Dourou also commented on party leader Alexis Tsipras’ meeting with Wolfgang Schäuble, that despite being “separated by an abyss, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t meet and exchange opinions. We are not phobic or ashamed of our positions. We demand and negotiate with the opponent”.