Former head of SDOE Ioannis Diotis has submitted his explanations regarding the “Lagarde List” scandal in writing, as he claimed to be unable due to illness to testify before Prosecutors Peponis and Mouzakitis. Mr. Diotis is meant to respond to the charge of tampering with a document.

It appears that Mr. Diotis has admitted to creating a copy of the file he handed over to Mr. Papakonstantinou, bur denies tampering the file and demands an expert’s opinion regarding the USB flash drive. Unless anything else arises, the prosecutors will hand over the case file to parliament.

Mr. Kapeleris also submitted his testimony in writing, on Monday. Mr. Kapeleris has consistently held the same position since he was first summoned about the case. The SDOE head claims to have never received the controversial “Lagarde List” USB flash drive during G. Papakonstantinou’s tenure as Minister of Finances and therefore any wrongful act associated with that material in none of his concern.

Mr. Kapeleris also insists that Mr. Papakonstantinou gave him a printed page he was not able to protocol or use as a basis for a thorough investigation, which he returned to the minister. Mr. Kapeleris also claims that he was never given an order to investigate, which he wouldn’t be possible without the full data of the list. He stresses that should he have received such an order, he would ask for it to be formally addressed to him, with all the relevant material.