As of today, the unified system of medicine prescription, medical procedures and tests will be implemented. The “e-prescription” system was presented on Thursday by the president and CEO of IDIKA, the Electronic Governing of Social Insurance agency Christos Chalaris.

According to Mr. Chalaris, the system simplifies and expedites the procedures for issuing and collecting prescriptions and referrals. It will also be easier to draw statistics and monitor the behavior of doctors. The system will also include the patient’s medical history, making diagnosis and treatment more efficient.

Mr. Chalaris publicized statistics of the prescription system’s seven-month run. More than 28.5 million prescriptions worth 11 billion euros were issued, 41,000 doctors and 11,000 pharmacies were certified, about 2.3 million people per month were served and the system’s penetration rate exceeded 90%.

Deputy Minister of Health Marios Salmas claimed that the new system “is one of the most reliable in Europe”. The Medical Association of Athens however stresses that care is needed and demands a “testing phase” before implementing it.