ESEE, the National Confederation of Greek Commerce has accused the government over confusing customers, in reference to the measure whereby customers can refuse to pay if not issued a receipt. The Confederation also suggests store-owners react to the measure by posting an “anti-notice”, reminding customers of theft charges.

As of the 12th of January, businesses are required to post a sign in a visible spot near the till, with the indication that the “Consumer is not obliged to pay if the notice of payment has not been received (receipt – invoice)” in Greek and English. The Confederation feels that the shift of policy towards non-payment is sensationalism.

To deter people from taking advantage of non-payment, ESEE suggests that along with the required notice, shop-owners post a sign reminding customers that “exiting the shop without paying for the merchandise you carry may lead to charges shoplifting” in Greek and English.

This “anti-notice” does not contradict the legally-required one and trade representatives feel it will contribute towards maintaining normality and legality in daily transactions, as well as protecting against misinterpretation of the law and avoiding unnecessary legal proceedings and costs.