SYRIZA MP Vangelis Diamantopoulos’ radio interview on Alpha 98.9 has caused a new episode in the ongoing war-of-the-words between New Democracy and SYRIZA.

Mr. Diamantopoulos explained that “spaces like Vila Amalias, which have been abandoned, are connected to other things, relevant to our society, actions such as commerce without middlemen or trades. The government wants to subdue all sources of resistance”.

The MP added that he identifies with “anarchist thought”, which he defines as “a direct democracy”. Controversially though, Mr. Diamantopoulos stated he did not “see any people ready for a revolution, we had a revolt in 2008”.

New Democracy responded almost immediately with a statement, demanding that Mr. Tsipras comment on Mr. Diamantopoulos’ opinions on anarchism and the December 2008 riots following the murder of a youth by a police officer. In his response, Mr. Diamantopoulos stated he supports “the program and ideas of the radical left and the mass, peaceful struggles of the Greek people for democracy and social justice”.

SYRIZA also issued a response claiming that New Democracy is creating a “civil war climate” as part of a distraction strategy of public opinion. New Democracy’s final response was to suggest that Mr. Tsipras’ party supports anarchy and concerned with creating more social spaces like ‘Vila Amalias’ in Greece.