In relation to a group of people attempting to retake Villa Amalias, another group took over the offices of the Democratic Left party on Ag. Konstantinou Street. The police intervened and arrested 40 squatters.

The president of the party’s officers Ch. Mavrokefalidis explained that “around 8.50 a group of 40 people took over the entrance to the offices and locked it. They put up a banner and threw leaflets of solidarity to ‘Villa Amalia’. An hour later police forces asked them t leave, which occurred without incident. Their actions, as well as other similar ones, are unacceptable, undemocratic and deplorable. Democratic Left will not sue”.

PASOK also commented on the situation, with press representative Fofi Gennimata stating that “such events, like the re-taking of Villa Amalias, are unfortunately popular and based on concepts of ‘good and bad violence’ and the circumvention of citizen’s rights”. The PASOK press officer alluded to SYRIZA’s latent support of antiauthoritarian groups and asked that all parties denounce “perceptions which can lead to the subversion of democracy”.