Municipalities, public divs and agencies have arranged a nation-wide rally entitled “Athens antifascist city” which will take place at Omonoia Square on Saturday the 19th of January.

The movement is supported by the “United Against Racism and the Fascist Threat” movement, migrant communities the municipal boards of Athens, Elliniko-Argyroupoli, Galatsi, N. Ionia, N. Heraklion, Korydallos, Petroupoli, Tavros-Moschato and Rethymno, as well a host of cultural, trade and student organizations across Greece.

The rally will commence at Omonoia Square at 2pm, while at Syntagma Square a concert kicks off at 4pm. Among the bands and artists to perform are Ypogeia Revmata, Magic de Spell, Miltos Paschalidis, Manos Pyrovolakis, Burger Project and Sound Esc. Vasilis Koukalanis will also participate with the theatrical production of Volker Ludwig “A feast at Nurian’s”.

The central themes of the performances are “Neonazis out”, “no concentration camps” and “citizenship for all children”. During the events, people of the Arts and Letters will present a declaration against fascism and racism. Similar actions and events are to take place on the same day in other European and world countries, in solidarity to the movement.

A press conference will take place on Thursday 10th of January at 1om at the “Antonis Tritsis” Amphitheatre of the OPANDA building (Akadimias 50).