The Opposition party SYRIZA has decided to suggest the formation of a Preliminary Committee to examine the liability of both former minister G. Papakonstantinou and current PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos, in relation to the ‘Lagarde List’ scandal.

Party leader Alexis Tsipras made his final decision on a Sunday afternoon meeting. PASOK responded to the news with high tones, accusing SYRIZA of vulgarity.

At the same time Maximou Hall, in an effort to maintain balances in the three-party government, continues to provide political support to Mr. Venizelos, pointing out that there is no evidence against him.

SYRIZA’s main argument is that Mr. Venizelos ‘buried’ the list, instead of taking advantage of it to increase public income, which, according to them, is gross misconduct. The Opposition also considers that if Mr. Venizelos had convincing answers, he would be the first to demand the case be thoroughly investigated. Instead, he chooses to attack SYRIZA “because only we point out the obvious”.