Former Deputy Minister of Finances Petros Doukas presented his “plan” for dealing with the rampant unemployment in Greece on his personal website. Mr. Doukas’ plan is for the unemployed to work for free, wherever the State requires them.

“From gather olives (thousands of tones are still on the tree), or other agricultural products, clearing beaches and roads, planting trees, assisting in technical projects, stores, workshops, businesses, depending on their age, skills, inclination and mood. At the same time, businesses will be asked if they would interested in workers or employees for three months without cost (for the businesses, etc).”

The former minister explained that “even secondary school graduates and university first-years and second-years need to work five weeks in relative jobs over the summer, to obtain a basic work experience”. The former minister stresses that businesses are swamped with debts and are unable to pay further employees, while the “humble” volunteer work will allow the unemployed “to get in touch with tomorrow’s employers”.

Mr. Doukas estimates that this project could help create future opportunities and rejuvenate the market, while the country benefits from the various projects.