The government and opposition clashed over the verbal assault of Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis. Government spokesperson Simos Kedikoglou expressed his support to the mayor while condemning SYRIZA at the same time: “We wish that SYRIZA, now that it is the Opposition party, would condemn the attack. Unfortunately, with their stance until now they encourage these practices. SYRIZA and its youth party need know only one thing: all hangouts of lawlessness, hide outs for hooded vandals and the political cover they provided are going to end, once and for all”.

In response, the press office of SYRIZA issued a statement: “We express our sympathy for the verbal attack Mr. Kaminis received with his family present. Any differences about the work of the Mayor do not justify such actions. Regarding the Goebbels-like statements of the government representative, we ask him to finally take off his hood to have a better look and tell us where all the stolen money and kickbacks from all these years are, that his party members and memorandum partner, PASOK, embezzled and hid abroad. The lawlessness and cover-ups are over”.