Over 60 people in the past five years have died as a result of fires that were caused by faulty heaters, fireplaces etc. Despite progress being made over the past few years, 2012 marked an increase.

Of the 64 people who lost their lives between January 2007 and the 10th of December 2012, 26 were male and 38 female, with the majority of victims being over the age of 75. Most deaths were recorded in the countryside, with only six being recorded in Attica.

The Fire Brigade estimates that deaths attributed to faulty heating will increase and surpass the records set in 2008, since many people are turning to less expensive (compared to oil) heating. The most dramatic incident involved the death of three young boys in their grandparents’ wooden home, while on vacation in December. The eldest of the three perished when trying to save his two younger brothers.

According to the Fire Brigade’s data, most fires involved fireplaces and electric heaters.