Dora Bakoyanni has asked that Minister of Finances Giannis Stournaras provides an update about the Special Consumption Tax that was imposed on heating oil, for the final trimester of 2012.

Mrs. Bakoyanni explained that “according to official data, the heating oil tax in 2012 was increased from 60 euros to 330 euros per kiloliter. Government income was to rise by 1.1 billion euros. The reality however, demonstrates a sharp fall in heating oil consumption by 70%, the shortfall of which cannot be covered, despite the exceptionally high price of the fuel.”

She continued her question by mentioning “recent data from the Ministry of Finances indicates that by the end of November 2012, the income derived from the Special Consumption Tax of heating oil was 1.080 billion euros. In 2011 1.165 billion euros were collected in the same period, which indicates that despite the tax on heating oil being increased six fold, public income is not increasing”.

“The lack of heating oil in households intensifies the social and humanitarian crisis, while the use of inappropriate heating materials creates environmental pollution and threatens public health” she underlined.

Mrs. Bakoyanni asked the Minister what was the income derived from the special tax on oil between October and November 2012 and what the income was for heating oil and diesel during the same period in 2010, 2011 and 2012.