In a televised interview on state television station NET, the former PASOK minister and vice-president Theodoros Pangalos holds former PM Giorgos Papandreou accountable for the appointment of ministers.

Mr. Pangalos stated that everyone who involved has political responsibility, adding that the actions of Messrs Papadreou, Papakonstantinou and Venizelos will be discussed at the upcoming PASOK convention.

With regards to Mr. Papakonstantinou, Mr. Pangalos was scathing, claiming that the minister should have informed the presidents of Parliament and Supreme Court as soon as he received the “Lagarde List”, or resigned if the PM did not allow him to do so.

With regards to the list itself, Mr. Pangalos believes that the accounts should be thoroughly examined, to determine whether the money can be justified by the account-holder’s financial profile. He also believes that a court case will take place, as there are serious indications that Mr. Papakonstantinou erased the names of three relatives, a serious criminal offense.