“Alouminion S.A.” of the Mytilinaios Group has signed a 200 million dollar deal with Swiss transnational Glencore. The deal is for the sale of 75,000 tons of aluminium columns and slabs, which will hit the European and American markets between January 2013 and June 2014. Glencore also bough the multinational Xstrata Group, which is among the three largest mining and metalwork producers and traders worldwide.

In the statement regarding the deal, the export orientation of the group is underlined and the important role of “Alouminion” in Greece, whose export end-product added value is over 80%. In 2013 the percentage of exports is estimated to be between 80% and 90%, with the energy sector occupying the company’s only domestic activity.

This agreement is attributed to the “Mellon” program regarding reform of cost and is part of the internationalization plans that will make “Alouminion” one of the more competitive players in the European and Global mining market over the next 20 years.