Opposition party SYRIZA fears that the focus of all investigation of the “Lagarde List” scandal on former Minister of Finances G. Papakonstantinou is part of a cover-up. The political secretariat of the party will convene at 5pm with the presidency of the Parliamentary Group.

According to rumours, SYRIZA’s proposal next week will target former Minister of Finances Evangelos Venizelos and former Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou, as well as Philippos Sahinidis and Giannis Stournaras. SYRIZA argues that Mr. Venizelos withheld the “Lagarde List” for months, Mr. Papandreou knew of its existence and did not take advantage of it and that Mr. Stournaras was forced to seek out the original list after three months of public outcry.

In response to “leaked accusations from PASOK”, SYRIZA characterises them as “unconvincing guilty panic”, referring to the Siemens scandal which also involved PASOK ministers and members of parliament.