Presidential Decree

Eurogroup concludes - Agreement on review and debt talks by 24 May

Contigency measures to be introduced via Presidential Decrees - Debt relief talks carried out in three stages
The Chairman of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem called the Greek government to introduce a contingency mechanism, in order...

Presidential Decree regarding Parliament’s dissolution posted

The new Parliament is expected to have its first session on the 6th of February
The Presidential Decree announcing the dissolution of the Parliamentary Assembly was posted on the main entrance of Parliament...

Court decision on ERT and ERA closure postponed for December

The decision in the courts of Iraklio will set the precedent for 170 other similar cases across Greece Monday, November 18, 2013

The courts in Iraklio, Crete have postponed the appeal of ERA and ERT employees against the sudden closure of the public and radio stations...

Secondary school teachers decide to suspend OLME strike

Secondary schools resume “normal” operation as of Thursday - about 100 schools still occupied by students

The strike organized by the secondary school teacher union OLME was suspended last night, meaning that the schools will reopen again on Thursday.


Parliament passes controversial "Presidential Decree" amendment

Amendment provides the abolition of public institutions with a simple Presidential Decree

A controversial amendment which provides the abolition and merger of public institutions with a Presidential Decree was submitted and voted...