Forty-four years after the heroic uprising at the Athens Polytechnic, it is time for us to completely reconsider what is euphemistically called the celebration of the anniversary.
Supreme Court prosecutor orders probe of Saudi deal
The office of the Supreme Court prosecutor has ordered a preliminary investigation of the circumstances of the sale of munitions from Greek army stock to Saudi Arabia
European Court of Auditors admits major errors in bailout
As Greece readies for an eventual return to the markets, the European Court of Auditors report underlines the difficulties of Greece meeting all of its borrowing needs through the markets.
Economic prosecutor to probe Greeks in Paradise Papers
The economic prosecutor is poised to launch an investigation of Greek citizens whose names appear in the so-called Paradise Papers, a list of global tax avoiders.
Greek real estate prices reaching rock bottom

Greek real estate prices reaching rock bottom

Thursday, November 16, 2017
Data collected by the Central Bank of Greece indicate that the rate of contraction of real estate prices has again dropped in the third quarter of 2017, but the downward trend continues.
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