Editorial – Institutional acrobatics

Friday, January 19, 2018
It is beyond any sense of democratic practice for a prime minister, after being apprised of the situation by the foreign minister, to visit the archbishop and to brief him, while completely ignoring opposition leaders.
Palaio Faliro mayor: Vandals who toppled angel statue were in Golden Dawn
A statue of a red angel with wings spread and perched upon the column, the work of internationally renowned painter and sculptor Kostis Georgiou,...
The keys to weaning off banks from ECB Emergency Liquidity Assistance
The further reduction of the ELA will depend on the return of deposits and on the efforts to return to the markets with new bond issues.
Five variations on name Macedonia tabled by Nimetz
The proposal provides for a Slavic spelling of the country’s language, either “makedonski” or a more descriptive version, official language of the Republic of New Macedonia.
New austerity law, foreign policy challenges rattle Syriza
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras attacked “political forces that do not want to see the government attaining its goals”, an apparent reference to main opposition New Democracy.
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