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In the midst of the storm, many of our fellow citizens did not resign themselves to their fate, but rather took their lives into their own hands and changed course.
ExxonMobil has hastened to arrange for two offshore oil and gas exploration ships to Cyprus at the end of this month. The company’s decision comes straight on the heels of ENI’s debacle.
Kotzias announced that academic studies which prove that Turkey is in possession of rock islets that do not belong to her will be published
If the Bank of Greece, and by extension the European Central Bank under which it operates, grants approval, the finance ministry plans to raise the monthly withdrawal limit from a single bank account from 1,800 to 2,300 euros.
Nederlandse Gasunie in a surprise, move on the eve of the deadline for submitting binding offers for a 66 percent stake in the Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator, decided to pull out of the tender, government sources said.
Video shot from the Hellenic Coast Guard patrol boat “Gavdos” proves that the Turkish Coast Guard ship was rushing to ram it in the centre, which would have sunk the aluminum flagship of the Hellenic Coast Guard and imperiled the lives of its 27-member crew.
Neither the years of the crisis, with the accumulated burdens that they piled upon society and the political system, nor previous ills that we have suffered, have become a lesson to us.
The Greek government is also expecting Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim’s scheduled meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany today to be an opportunity for Berlin to stress the European Union’s consternation over Ankara intensely hostile behaviour towards member-states Cyprus and Gr...
Athens is attempting. as Kotzias has intimated, to hammer out a formula for an ironclad international agreement – which would supersede FYROM’s constitution and national law - that would eradicate all remaining vestiges of irredentism.
The main opposition leader declared that the testimony against 10 former ministers and PMs is manufactured and unsubstantiated, and he demanded that the protected witnesses be cross-examined in parliament, with their identities concealed, by the politicians against whom they unleashed their alleg...
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