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Zaev said that he accepts that this name would be used both internationally and domestically, but that domestic use would be phased in gradually, during Skopje’s EU accession process.
Economic and Financial Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, in an exclusive interview with To Vima, outlines the four difficult preconditions for Greece to exit the bailout programme, as well as the supervisory framework thereafter.
'The fundamental source of Greek-Turkish tensions is the Greek perception that all of the Aegean is a Greek sea, ignoring Turkey's legal rights and legitimate interests as a coastal state,' the Turkish PM said.
The Greek judicial system does not satisfy the common sense of justice. All types of interventions alloy the judgment of judges. Cases are handled at a snail’s pace, and there are no strong foundations for resolving differences.
It is now abundantly clear that pledges, hints, and pious wishes that pension cuts can be averted were all hollow rhetoric.
As far as the real estate tax, and the nationwide property valuations on which it is based, the target is for the government to collect 2,65bn euros in revenues.
Major German media outlets are reporting significant progress in FYROM naming talks, after negotiations between PM Alexis Tsipras and his FYROM counterpart, Zoran Zaev, on May 16-17 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The name strikes a deep nationalist and irredentist chord, as it commemorates the 1903 Ilinden uprising by the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation (IMRO) against the Ottomans, and later efforts to establish a Slavic state on the entire geographic territory of Macedonia
The 43-second foray, which was recorded on video and posted on the internet, was intend as a protest against notaries conducting online auctions of properties that have been seized and auctioned off to cover delinquent debts.
He denounced the dominion of the memorandums and said he stands by the victims, “whose endurance is constantly being tested by successive economic measures, taken in the name of the so-called fiscal interests of the country”.
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