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Their unconditional release was ordered by a Turkish court, but there have been feverish diplomatic efforts in the last five-and-a-half months – with the EU, Nato, the US and other allies - by the Greek government to pressure Ankara for their release.
Everyone also witnessed the government's effort to manipulate public opinion, and the effort to temper the negative impressions regarding the catastrophe.
Despite the dozens of violations daily of Greek air space by Turkish fighter jets, and the daily encroachment by Turkish fishermen in Greek territorial waters, Cavusoglu told a group of diplomats that Greece is to blame.
Kazakidis, a Mati fire victim, said the sum was seized because he owed 4,500 euros in ENFIA real estate taxes, on his house that was destroyed.
'I have developed tremendous respect for the Greek people, who have had to accept painful adjustments. Wages, salaries, and pensions had to be cut by up to 30%. The number of employees in the public sector also had to be significantly reduced,' the ESM chief said.
'The victory of populist forces [SYRIZA] in 2015 led to a second economic crisis and the third [bailout] programme, and caused enormous harm. The country is now struggling to return to where it was in 2014,' Venizelos said.
Multi-nationals and international investment schemes have turned their sight to main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis. There is a climate that investors will be on hold until the next elections.
From the information currently available, it appears that judicial authorities have concluded that Fire Service officers have committed the crimes of manslaughter and arson due to negligence.
Kostas Tzavaras said the Mati disaster revealed the nakedness of the government and the incompetence of government cadres to implement planned and decided measures which the competent ministers had prepared in 2018.
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