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According to new evidences Greek state services have sent back secretly to Turkey three military that are being accused and tried for participating in the Turkish coup d'état attempt against Tayyip Erdoğan.
Greek governments’ plans include a radical liberal financial policy with a simultaneous left turn in an effort to reapproach those who voted SYRIZA in 2015.
Minister of Finance has decided a further loosening of capital controls in Greece concerning the cash limit on bank account withdrawals as well as the opening of new accounts.
More than 70 companies have already applied for the out-of-court mechanism electronic platform
The madness about how we entered in memorandums is still being carried on having the approval of Justice.
According to the Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE) the Economic Sentiment Indicator has been satisfyingly improved reaching 98,2 points (from 94) which is the highest level after February 2015.
Almost five centuries ago, in 20 March 1602 , the Dutch parliament signed in Amsterdam the decree for the establishment of "United East Indies Company".
Greece’s returning to bond markets after three painful years is one more step towards normality. However many more steps are needed.
Government’s financial staff feels optimistic about the first attempt of returning to internationan bond markets.
Prime minister’s accepting – for the first time – that he made big mistakes, could be an act of bravery. Unfortunately this happened with a big delay
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