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It is unknown if the meeting ever occurred, and obviously the reference is not incriminating on its own. It may mean that Novartis was simply seeking to make contact with the then opposition leader.
The citizens are fraught with anxiety, and many are crushed by a nightmarish reality, struggling to survive, even as the government has made clinging to power its top priority.
That money was collected from consumers by the company to pay local taxes for sanitation, lighting and property taxes, but the company pocketed the money instead of handing it over to local government.
What the finance ministry’s real estate appraisers intend to do now is to jack up the tax valuation in areas – parts of Athens and tourist spots around the country – which have proven popular among Airbnb clients.
A new survey conducted by the Pulse polling company, for Skai television, gives main opposition New Democracy a nine percentage point lead (28. 5 to 19.5 percent) over the ruling Syriza party.
Despite his problems, he never for a moment stopped working, traveling the world to popularise his ideas, delivering lessons in will power and life, but also remarking on political and social issues, stressing at every opportunity that nations should build bridges and not walls between them.
The banks offer debtors a two-month period within which they must come forward to make an arrangement. Once the non-performing loans are sold to funds, there is no possibility of a favourable settlement, as the full amount of the loan must be paid.
The fact that no trial date has been set two weeks after their capture is indicative of the foot-dragging of the Turkish judiciary in this case, which has de facto become highly politicised.
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