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“The arrest of the two Greek military officers and their unacceptable incarceration constitutes a political choice on the part of Turkey, and of Erdogan specifically,” Kouvelis told SKAI television.
A sharply worded Greek foreign ministry statement said that, "The evidence on the basis of which Greece acted [expelled two diplomats] had been presented in a timely manner to Russian authorities”, and that Russian authorities “know very well what their people are doing”.
The competent Greek foreign ministry cannot remain silent for so many days, with the government spokesman offering only generalities regarding the defence of national interests and a multi-pronged foreign policy.
The economy and the country overall needs calm and political stability at long last, in order to engender hope that the sacrifices of so many years will not be squandered.
The government hopes in some way to retract or at least postpone in some manner the pension cuts (which take effect on 1 January, 2019), which have created a political uproar.
The government spokesman also answered charges that due to a law drafted by former Syriza justice minister Paraskevopoulos, a court judged that the case against the Tsipras family company cannot be tried.
“The sooner elections are held, the better. Whenever they are held, we will win. I would suggest to Mr. Tsipras to hold elections before the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair," Mitsotakis said.
“Athens withstood the first wave of expulsions over the Scripal affair. Many pressures ensued and we know what happened with capitals that did not acquiesce. We know who has undertaken to create a confrontation between Athens and Moscow,” Zakharova said.
It is obvious that an increase in revenues, after raging over-taxation, has begun to reach its limits, as the productive base of the economy has not essentially expanded.
One reason Katrougalos is optimistic is that tensions with Greece and the EU has led to significant problems in the Turkish economy
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