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Athens may not top the agenda any longer, but the contacts between European officials and the Fund will largely determine the way in which the bailout memorandum will be completed and how the national debt will be handled.
“It is crystal clear that FYROM will not be admitted to Nato in June,” Kotzias said in a radio interview, noting that the issue will be put off until autumn
In a letter to PM Alexis Tsipras, French President Emmnauel Macron cited the complex geopolitical environment in which Greece must operate.
Today, all eyes are on the meeting of the Washington Group, which is comprised of the finance ministers of the Germany, France, Italy, and Spain - and the heads of the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the European Stability Mechanism, and the IMF.
The officer will remain at a residence which is known to Greek authorities, and the address of which will not be made public, and must report daily to a police precinct. It is to be expected that he will be under tight surveillance.
Acknowledging that there are well-known differences between the two countries, Stoltenberg urged Ankara and Athens to resolve their disputes in the framework of bilateral meetings.
If Erdogan wins, he will be the absolute master of Turkey over the next years, without needing to constantly renew the state of emergency he has imposed, using the Gulenists as a pretext.
The Eurogroup Working Group over the last months has been attempting to flesh out viable post-bailout debt relief measures, including the French proposal to directly link the servicing of the debt to Greece’s growth rate.
Bahceli has unleashed a number of ultra nationalist attacks against Greece in recent weeks, threatening that Turkey can pull out the teeth of uppity Greeks and declaring that the bottom of the Aegean is full of the Greek leadership’s ancestors.
Creditors are considering an extension of the current programme for several months, so as to allow the government to meet all the commitments required to complete the fourth and last bailout evaluation
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