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Two days remain for a solution to be found and to lead - as a best case scenario - in a staff level agreement in Brussels, as negotiations between greek officials and Institutions are expected to come to an end on Thursday. A new –third- round of talks has begun today with the participation of T...
What Greek government gives and what they get in income tax threshold’s reduction, pension cuts, and labour matters. Schäuble: The finalization of Greek program’s second review is Greece’s hands- No disbursement without IMF
This turning back to the food rations’ period, which Alexis Tsipras proudly presented last Friday in the Greek Parliament reminds the Greece of poverty during the ’50s and the ‘60s
The teleconference between creditors' economic staff and Greek government hasn’t succeeded in removing the sticking point of energy issues
The Sleeping Female Figure (Koimomeni), Yannoulis Chalepas’ sculpture that covers Sophia Afentaki ’s grave at the First Cemetery of Athens is to be transferred at National Gallery’s Glyptotheque.
The institutions made clear, from day one, that they insist for measures amounting to 2 % of GDP ( 3,5 bil Euros) for financial year 2019. That is to say 1% from the income tax threshold’s reduction and 1% from the pension cuts.
Completing the 2nd review as soon as possible is the greek government’s main goal after the agreement in principle for lowering the tax-free threshold and the pensions cuts in last Monday’s Eurogroup meeting
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