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The government, instead of shaping a minimum national consensus, chose to divide the opposition, disregarding the repercussions, which it is reaping now.
The protest was intended as a resounding message to the government that it does not have a blank check in negotiating the terms of a settlement with Skopje
Just last week, former New Democracy leader and ex-parliament speaker Evangelos Meimarakis lunched with Bank of Greece Governor Yannis Stournaras, and recalled the battles they had waged to keep the Greek economy on track. Despite his urgent warnings not to veer away from the bailout reform prog...
Citizens faced all types of trials all these years. They lost jobs, income, powers and capabilities. At first they were startled and shaken, and thereafter they reacted.
It is beyond any sense of democratic practice for a prime minister, after being apprised of the situation by the foreign minister, to visit the archbishop and to brief him, while completely ignoring opposition leaders.
The reported price is 120 million euros, which includes the internal borrowing that the Telecommunications Authority of Cyprus provided to Cyta, payment of procurers, and equity.
Defending the government’s management of the fiscal adjustment programme, Houliarakis said that the bailout memorandums were necessary, and that without them, fiscal adjustment would have been more violent, while bankruptcy and Grexit would have been certain.
The parliamentary question lists all the statements by cabinet ministers and ruling claition MPs that attack particular judges or the justice system more generally.
'Yet, you too must recognise that we are right when, based on that name, you distribute maps of Macedonia of the Aegean , which reaches down to Olympus, when you claim that we Greeks are conquerors of our own second capital, Greek Thessaloniki, etc., thus challenging the very territorial integrit...
January, as everyone knows, is the month of football club transfers, as teams attempt to cover their needs in terms of human resources. It appears, however, that political parties have envied the transfers trade, and as a result, the transfer of second rank political players is now a reality. A...
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