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According to the Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE) the Economic Sentiment Indicator has been satisfyingly improved reaching 98,2 points (from 94) which is the highest level after February 2015.
Almost five centuries ago, in 20 March 1602 , the Dutch parliament signed in Amsterdam the decree for the establishment of "United East Indies Company".
Greece’s returning to bond markets after three painful years is one more step towards normality. However many more steps are needed.
Government’s financial staff feels optimistic about the first attempt of returning to internationan bond markets.
Prime minister’s accepting – for the first time – that he made big mistakes, could be an act of bravery. Unfortunately this happened with a big delay
The prime minister, trying to pay adequate attention to the huge problem of unemployment, visited the ministry of Labour.
Without a doubt closing the second review of the programme was a step of progress in the effort of taking the country out of the crisis.
The country entrusted in mr. Georgiou’s hands a very difficult mission
Cypriot leadership has an organized plan
During the third trimester of 2015 economic activity in Greece reached the bottom. However many believed that this could create a base of new expectations for development.
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