A fascist attack by Kassidiaris against Dendias

The incident happened when Dendias walked in front of Kassidiaris

Monday, May 15, 2017
A fascist attack by Kassidiaris against Dendias
The Greek parliament has decided to suspend Golden Dawn’s parliamentary group from the committee’s meetings after Golden Dawn’s member Ilia Kasidiari’s act of violence against New Democracy parliamentary spokesman Nikos Dendias

Greek parliament parties also decided to bring Ilias Kassidiaris before Special Permanent Committee on Parliamentary Ethics.

The incident happened when mr. Dendias walked in front of mr. Kassidiaris while the latter was addressing the House’s Economic Affairs Committee. New Democrasy mp standed and Kassidiaris according to information pushed him hard with both hands.

Later mr. Dendias desribed to journalists what happened: “When the discussion was ended I passed in front of the Golden Dawn bench. While he was speaking, mr Kassidiaris said to me: ‘Hey! Where are you going? Why do you walk in front of me while I am speaking?’

"I stopped to look at him and he pushed me with both hands. I continued to stand still and he made a move to attack me but others held him back… He then grabbed some bottles and started throwing water at me. I thought it right to stand my ground, because moving would have meant something."

I stayed and he started cursing me, Samarasand Voridis. Almost the entire parliamentary group of Golden Dawn was cursing us and was throwing bottles, water and all sorts of objects.