Early elections

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The present political life in Greece is characterized by certain phrases which as it would seem are enough on their own to change the country's political scene.

The calls for “elections right here, right now” are the norm. There is no opposition that did not call for elections before a year even went by since the last race to the ballot. And, of course, there are few cases where a Parliament exhausted its term, as set out in the Constitution.

Early elections are called either by the government or as a consequence of a political crisis, with the appeal to popular verdict, as a rule of thumb, solving the problems.

There are conflicting opinions on the usefulness of early elections. Usually, elections are called by those who are confident they will win them. Therefore the alternation of parties n power also means a change of opinion on elections.

Curiously, the elections in the past few decades have given the opportunity to all political forces to coalesce and form coalition governments.

The reference of the current Prime Minister on the possibility of early elections generates the hope of smoothing political differences after the elections. The formation of coalition governments may help eclipse the ex cathedra polemics that are poisoning the political life.

Elections in due time is the guarantee for democracy.


Stavros P. Psycharis
Originally published in the Sunday print edition