Pulse RC: SYRIZA ahead of New Democracy in latest polls

Opposition leaders ahead of New Democracy by two points – Olive Tree and The River tied with 7%

Thursday, May 08, 2014
Pulse RC: SYRIZA ahead of New Democracy in latest polls

According to a rolling poll focused on the upcoming elections conducted by Pulse RC for the To Pontiki newspaper, Alexis Tsipras’ SYRIZA is ahead of Antonis Samaras’ New Democracy by 2%.

The polling company’s results are as follows:

  • SYRIZA – 22.5%
  • New Democracy – 20.5%
  • Golden Dawn – 9%
  • Olive Tree – 7%
  • The River – 7%
  • KKE – 6.5%
  • ANEL – 4%
  • DIMAR 3%
  • Ecologists/Greens – 2%
  • LAOS – 1%
  • Other party – 2.5%
  • Blank/abstain 5%
  • Undecided 7.5%

Compared to the polling company’s previous results that were published on the 5th of May, SYRIZA, the Olive Tree, KKE and the Ecologists/Greens have increased their rate by 0.5% each. New Democracy, the River, ANEL, DIMAR, LAOS and “other party” remained unchanged, while Golden Dawn, abstaining and undecided voters saw their rate shrink by 0.5%.

When asked who is more suitable as Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras is consistently in the lead with a 32% preference rating, with Alexis Tsipras trailing behind with 26% of preferences (up 2% since previous results).

Finally, when asked who will win in the upcoming elections, irrespective of voting preferences, 45% of respondents answered SYRIZA and 36% answered New Democracy.