Troika representatives return to Athens on Friday, after Eurogroup

Critical talks between Athens and troika representatives are expected to carry on throughout December

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Troika representatives return to Athens on Friday, after Eurogroup

The second meeting between the troika representatives and the Ministry of Finances ended just before 8pm on Tuesday afternoon, despite original estimations hat the meeting would take far longer, given that many other Ministers participated in the discussions.

The main issues discussed were the 2014 budget gap, the progress of revenue and the 2015-2016 midterm plan. Regarding the controversial real estate tax, the Ministry of Finances wants to reach its fiscal goal and spreading the cost amongst the greatest number of taxpayers.

An officer from the Ministry of Finances reported that the troika will return to Athens on Friday, immediately after the Eurogroup on Thursday is complete, while the Minister of Finances Stournaras will be in Athens after the Ecofin on Saturday to resume talks.

Nevertheless, it still remains to be seen if the troika representatives will stay in Athens long enough to come to a deal, since it appears unlikely when the negotiations are rumored to carry on in December and possibly the New Year.