Mr. Samaras must dare!

Monday, June 17, 2013

If the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras followed the “heroic” broadcasts of ERT’s final moments, he would have taken back his decision to shut down the public broadcaster.

In trying to find arguments, the presenter asked the opinion of “the president of Greeks in Zambia”!

In an emotional state, the President who had just been informed of the bad news (of ERT shutting down), accused the government in Athens of many things, the mildest of which was that Mr. Samaras gagged the voice of Greece, that was disseminated by the “public television” across the globe.

If Mr. Samaras had watched that program, he would have taken back his decision. He is experienced enough to predict the dangers of a government decision being misinterpreted, intentionally or unintentionally.

Because ERT didn’t shut down because the big interests demanded it. ERT shut down only to return in three months with new employees and associates, who will truly be a threat to private interests if they create a competitive program and do not waste their time in bureaucratic activities (…those who will go to work on a daily basis anyway).

The government knows the truth about ERT. From New Democracy’s “blue girls”, to PASOK’s “Green guardians” of the Change and fair-weather leftists. The life and times of the thousands on the payroll could become the greatest TV series of all time.

The current government is right to want to clear out the disease, but it cannot simply amputate what it does not like. Hundreds of honest and committed professionals work at ERT who deserve better. They do not deserve the public humiliation of being ousted from work. They are not crooks; they are victims of a client state.

Even now Mr. Samaras has the solution in his hands. To change one word – ERT is not closing down, but reorganizing, as demanded by public opinion.

ERT must cease being a State television and must become a true public television.

By taking one small step back, Mr. Samaras has the major opportunity to make the country take a huge step forward!

Stavros P. Psycharis