Mayor of Kos: "We cannot deal with fires"

Municipality of Kos informs political leaders of inability to effectively prevent and combat forest-fires

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Mayor of Kos: "We cannot deal with fires"

A few days after the meeting at Maximou Hall about the protection against forest fires and the Prime Minister’s order to increase the forest protection, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, the Municipality of Kos, has announced its inability to effectively prevent and deal with a forest fire.

The Mayor of Kos Mr. Kaiserlis sent a letter to Prime Minister Samaras and the leaders of political parties to complain about the “sudden” transfer of civic protection responsibilities to the municipalities. In response to this change, Mr. Kaiserlis proceeded to set up and fund a non-profit company with local volunteer groups.

Unfortunately, as Mr. Kaiserlis states in his letter, the Commissioner of Court of Auditors rejected the Municipal Council’s decision to fund the company, on grounds that the Municipality should have held an open competition, rather than directly appointing the company in charge.